Mezzanine floor

Raxel Storage Systems a Lincolnshire based storage solutions company, have recently completed a project to supply, deliver and install a Mezzanine floor and partitioning for a Grantham based chemicals company.

The mezzanine floor was designed to meet the customers specific requirement, time scales and budget. The floor had to offer underside partitioned space for product segregation and also have pallet storage positions on top. Along the outer edge the hand rail was inset the width of a pallet to allow for pallets to be stored along the edge of the floor similar to pallet racking situations. This allowed the customer to pick product from the pallets whilst working on the mezzanine floor to offer improved efficiencies.

Raxel managed all elements of the installation, and arranged all local authority inspections and approvals.



Floor under construction.
Floor under construction.

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