latest Mezzanine Floor Project

The Story Behind
The Mezzanine floor Project


So the first question you may have is how do you build a 2650sqm x 8.1m high mezzanine floor in just 8 weeks?

Well with a lot of material, team work, sweat, sandwiches, coffee & ice cream (yes ice cream on the hot days)

This projects was projects managed from site by RAXEL as Principle contractor compiling to all CDM 2015 & H&S regs. By Project Managing this project from site meant that the customer had a direct site contact for any questions or issues they had with the mezzanine floor.

By using a spider crane we were able to position all the steelworks with minimal effort, this also increased the amount of steelworks we were able to put up in a day.

This mezzanine floor has:

  • 2 x 500kg capacity goods lifts
  • 2x single pallet gates
  • 2 x staircases
  • enclosed with a mesh fencing with a logo printed certain fabric
  • STOMMPY impact barriers to protect the main columns
  • Partitioned walling for the landing area
  • 32mm chipboard flooring

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