Pest control


For the first time in the 30yrs Raxel has been trading have we ever had to deal with pest control.

We received a call into the office complaining that beam locks keep falling out of the pallet racking and they being found on the floor. After a discussion regarding the design and need for beam locks and how they are designed to fail after a certain amount of force but not just fall out we arranged for a site visit.

After a walk round on site and discussions with the site management it was mentioned that a crow has taken up residency in the warehouse. This warehouse stores pet food products so this crow knew he was on to a winner as it was warm and there is an abundance of food. In addition to these two things it also discovered the amount of fun you can have with a Link51 locking clip.  After a period of time waiting around the crow appeared on the racking and was happily removing the beam locks and dropping them on the floor.


The problem was solved and the crow has now left the building.

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